Har du funnet idioten i deg selv?


Vi er så opptatt av å være smarte og intelligente, men OSHO forteller oss viktigheten av idioten;

THE FOOLISH HEART Fools always have a subtle wisdom in them, and the wise always act like fools.In the old days all great emperors always had one fool in their court. They had many wise men, counselors, ministers and prime ministers, but always one fool. Why?-because there are things so-called wise men will not be able to understand, that only a foolish man can understand-because the so-called wise are so foolish that their cunningness and cleaverness closes their minds.A fool is simple, and was needed because many times the so-called wise would not say something because they were afraid of the emperor. A fool is not afraid of anybody else, he will speek whatsoever the consequences. This is how fools act-simply, whitout thinking what the result will be. A clever man always thinks first of the result, then he acts. Thought comes first, then action. A foolish man acts, thought never comes first.Whenever someone realizes the ultimate, he is not like your wise men. He cannot be. He may be like your fools, but he cannot be like your wise men.When Saint Francis became enlightened he used to call himself "Gods fol". The pope was a wise man, and when Saint Francis went to see him even the pope thought this man had gone mad. He was intelligent, calculating, clever, otherwise how could he be a pope? To become a pope one has to pass through much politics. To become a pope diplomacy is needed, a competitive aggression is needed to put others aside, to use others as ladders and then throw them. It is politics... because a pope is a political head. Religion is secondary, or nothing at all. How can a religious man fight and be aggresive for a post? They are only politicans.Saint Francis came to see the pope, and the pope thought this man was a fool. But trees and birds and fisches thought in a different way. When Saint Francis went to the river the fisches would jump in celebration that Francis had come. Thousands witnessed this phenomenon-millions of fishes would jump simultaneously, the whole river would be lost in jumping fishes. Saint Francis had come and the fishes were happy. And wherever he would go the birds would follow, they would come and sit on his leg, on his body, on his lap. They understood this fool better than the pope. Even trees that had become dry and were going to die would become green and blossom again if Saint Francis came near. These trees understood well that this fol was no ordinary fool-he was Gods fool...
(Zen transformation tarot cards, 22)
OSHO om psykologi;

Å sette pris på sin egen idiot er kanskje uvannt. Men skal man oppnå noe særlig åndelighet trur jeg det er viktig å våge å være litt dum, ekte og i nuet.

Anbefaler også Lars von Triers film Idiotene. Trailer;

Toppbildekilde; http://squatchabyss.blogspot.com/2010/07/whats-more-pathetic.html

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